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AC0: Galm Team by ThePandoraComplex141 AC0: Galm Team by ThePandoraComplex141
The Galm Team are a Mercenary Unit hired by Ustio. In the open days of the Belkan War, Ustio lost 70% of their Air Forces and needed to find replacements quickly. The use of "Unofficial Assets" became valid and the Galm Team was hired. Since then, they've become one of the most famous units in the war and have become known by their Allies and their enemies. They are supported by AWACS Eagle Eye and are deployed from Valais Air Base.
During one encounter with the feared Schwarze Wing they were called "The Mercenary Dream Team". The name stuck with them.

The Galm Team had participated in every major battle that the Allied Forces had undertaken, during the Belkan War. Cipher and Pixy had gained much recognition from their Allies for their amazing feats of skill and from their enemies in many ways. Some of it respect, fear or hatred.

Pixy and Cipher had shot down three Belkan Ace Squadrons and supported multiple pivotal battles. Such as Glatisant, Directus, and at the Schayne Plains. During the attack on the Excalibur in North Belka, Cipher and Pixy had inflicted much of the damage upon Excalibur and destroyed it. The Galm Team had also had much experience fighting over Airspace B7R, said to be the highest area of danger during the Belkan War. Galm Team were one of the known fighter teams to ever penetrate the B7R's defenses.
the Galm Team consisted only of Cipher, when Pixy disappeared after the nuclear explosions and later joined "A World With No Boundaries" for his own reasons. PJ (Crow Three), the only remaining member of the 4th AFU Crow, had been supporting the Galm Team since the attack on the Excalibur and when his team was lost during the confusion on June 6th, he began operating with Galm One, becoming his new wingman.
As "A World With No Boundaries" had become a threat, PJ and Cipher had engaged them destroying their XB-0 Hresvelgr, two of their Ace Squadrons and destroyed the V2 being deployed at the Avalon Dam. There at Avalon Pixy had reappeared in the ADFX-02 Morgan and challenged Galm One. Pixy was shot down by the end of the battle and Cipher's new wingman, PJ, was presumed killed by Pixy.

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